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What is Reiki?


Reiki is is a spiritual practice, originating in Japan, that includes both hands-on and hands-off energy healing. It is the transfer of energy − from the ether, vibrational energy, the universe, universal energy, god or goddesses, the divine matrix, higher self, whichever manifestation you choose − through the practitioner to you. Your body recognises the energy and sets it to work both to relax you, unblock and balance your energy fields and to accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Reiki clears out stagnant energy that may be draining you and holding you back and replaces it with fresh loving energy so you feel restored and at peace.


​People get reiki treatments for all sorts of reasons, including:


  • to feel more relaxed

  • wanting relief from anxiety and stress

  • wrestling with doubts and fears

  • struggling to move forward

  • sleep-deprivation

  • healing physical or emotional issues

Some people seek out Reiki because they are exploring a spiritual pathway and want to feel more focused and centred. Others might have experienced something traumatic – an illness, a bad period at work, a relationship breakup – and need some support to get back on track. Some just want to try it out, and others feel good already, but want to feel better. Reiki is for everyone!


How does it work?


Reiki accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself in all aspects of the self: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It assists you in correcting the imbalances of your mind, body and spirit; this is done by the practitioner laying their hands on or above key parts of the body and particular areas that may be affected by an imbalance or that require assistance with healing.


This ancient Japanese form of healing was devised by Mikao Usui, a Tendai Buddhist priest, early twentieth century. Reiki translates as: rei = spiritual energy/wisdom and ki = life force energy. When there are energy blocks present in your energy system due to injury or trauma, negative emotions, stress or an overload of toxic substances there will be interference to the flow of ki energy. The result will be a state of disconnect, disproportionate reactions to people and situations, anxiety, a feeling of being blocked or constantly run down as well as physical illness.


What I bring to a reiki treatment is my intuitive connection to the divine matrix (to which we are all connected) and to myself as well as a positive, loving intention. I am Reiki 2 attuned and practice daily. Looking after my own spiritual and psychological wellbeing is very important to me, and is assistive to me being present and clear during treatments.


I currently hold qualifications in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with a lineage to Mikao Usui.


I am also an experienced Counsellor with over 15 years experience in the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol fields.


What to expect


When you are undergoing a reiki session you may have a variety of experiences: some feel a flowing sensation, some will be in a relaxed state or feel the need to fall asleep during a session – which is perfectly fine, as the reiki will work whether asleep or awake. Heat, vibration and other sensations are common during a treatment. While some see colours and visions. Others don't necessarily experience any of these, yet are still receiving the same healing effects of reiki. All you need to do to receive Reiki is turn up.


My Reiki healing generally involves hands-on as well as some hands-off work. If you would prefer hands off, that is okay too, both will work equally as well. During your session I will allow your body's energy to direct me where reiki is required as well as providing a systematic treatment. I can also provide a chakra balancing.


Three consecutive treatments are ideal, as reiki is cumulative and builds up over the course of time to be most effective.


As I am relatively new to Reiki (I have been practicing since August 2018), I am currently offering Reiki healing treatments in exchange for a donation or gift. This will be offered until the end of 2018.


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