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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

If you're umming and ahhing about whether to invest your time and money in a massage treatment, you are not alone. Some don't know what to expect or may feel a bit of anxiety about the process or have had a not so great experience. I have about twenty years of experience receiving massages, and have certainly had my share of disappointing treatments. And there are others that just don't like any kind of massage at all.

Then there's the choice factor. What type of massage do I want? Deep tissue, relaxation, remedial, hot stone, or perhaps something more exotic, like a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage? Well, let me answer by first saying, they can all be beneficial. Have a chat with a massage therapist or two and you should soon know which modality and person is right for you.

Andrew Dib Massage & Healing

If you are considering booking a massage treatment and aren't quite convinced, let me offer my perspective as a seasoned receiver and enthusiastic massage therapist.

Of course, there are many well documented health benefits of massage therapy, including: improved blood pressure, better posture, a strengthened immune system, muscular release, reduction of muscle stiffness and tightness, increased range of motion, headache relief, decrease in stress hormones, improved symptoms anxiety and depression and many more (for more on the health benefits of massage, click on the Victoria Government's Better Health Channel).

But more immediately and noticeably, it's relaxing. And feels amazing. It's also pampering. And nurturing. And shifting. It's transformative. And transports you. And can unblock you. It puts you back into your body again too.

Our bodies hold onto stress and struggles and unresolved emotions like a child latches onto their security blanket. And like that child, our bodies can also stubbornly refuse to let go of things beyond their usefulness. Massage is a great way of assisting with this process — bringing to light, and enabling the letting go of, any static and/or disruptive energy.

And for those who live a more sedentary lifestyle — more so than our bodies would prefer — massage is a great way to foster blood flow and muscle movement and reinvigorate our systems again.

The healing touch of a massage therapist is sometimes the best remedy for whatever's going on inside you. Soft and slow, deep and remedial, whatever's required, the therapist will tune into your body's needs and respond with care and attention and a restorative intention.

If you'd like to find out more about massage, visit my website andrewdibmassage.com or contact me on 0405 976 605.

Andrew Dib Massage is based in Heidelberg but also provides a Mobile To You massage service in the Melbourne region.

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