Counselling at Andrew Dib Massage & Healing

Sometimes in our lives we need a helping hand — an experienced guide to help us navigate our way across unfamiliar terrain. Or perhaps a mountain of rubble has been building up around you and it feels like impending doom is setting in.


Our inner processes can potentially have negative impacts on our lives, our health and on our external worlds. Our feelings and thoughts, once having served us quite well, may no longer be enough to lead us out of our current difficulties. Coping mechanisms, once noble and trustworthy, are no longer working so well.

Our emotions and belief systems have histories and often complex ones. Everyday life and events that affect us in a negative or hurtful way — triggers — can evoke experiences from our past that are re-felt, but they often come with little awareness of

their origins or true meanings. When we react from these triggers — wandering about in the figurative dark — we can often bury ourselves deeper in unwanted situations.


A counsellor can be that guide. Walking with you, side by side, into an unfamiliar terrain, they will offer a second pair of eyes and a relatively objective viewpoint. They can help shine light on the paths that may not be serving you so well, offering alternative routes. They will offer you the best of their skills and experience, helping you to build fences where they might be needed and demolishing those that isolate you from your goals.

There are many different therapies and therapists who can assist you on your path. Every therapist is going to have their own approach. And each type of therapy is potentially as effective as another. But they are just guides. It is you, ultimately, that will need to do the walking, make the decisions and take the action. So listen to yourself, to your body, and choose the one that resonates with you most. For once you make a decision about something, the universe will conspire to make it work in your favour.

Counselling at Andrew Dib Massage & Healing
Counselling at Andrew Dib Massage & Healing

My own pilgrimage started sometime in my childhood and adolescence, that time when belief systems and emotional connections are formed and seemingly solidified. After traversing many not so helpful paths, crises and rock bottoms, about eighteen years ago I stumbled onto a rather fortuitous path, with my therapist guides waiting and ready to work with me. I embraced them (albeit a little apprehensively and occasionally with a healthy dose of cynicism) and the many others that have come my way ever since. For, once we open ourselves up to change and possibility, our surrounds and higher selves respond accordingly.


Professionally, my career in counselling began in 2001 as a support worker in residential treatment centres for addiction and mental health issues. Since then, my career has given me the opportunity to work in detox facilities, outpatient clinics, locked psychiatric wards, crisis accommodation facilities,  case management, group facilitation and individual and drug diversion counselling. I have been fortunate enough to work with a broad range of people from diverse backgrounds and at varying levels of mental health complexity.


Having worked in the community health sector since 2001, I recently embarked upon another style of healing practice in massage and Reiki. The body is the great repository of trapped emotional, psychological and spiritual malaise, and through treating ourselves in a holistic way, we have a better chance of moving through things and lightening the load and of course being happier and healthier.


I believe that all pathways to recovery begin with dialogue. Whether its addiction or lack of meaning in one’s life, talking about what’s going on within us (and you don't have to know what's happening) helps us get to our truths. From there a greater awareness of our inner worlds unlocks possibilities to healing and transformation.

A 75 minute Counselling session will cost $70

If this resonates, please go ahead and book online. Or you are welcome to send me a message or contact me on 0405 976 605 for a complimentary, no obligation 15 to 20 minute phone consultation. 


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